Welcoming Programme

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What is the Welcoming Programme?

The purpose of the Welcoming Programme is to support your migration and subsequent integration in Estonia. The programme consists of a basic module, language training (A1) and several thematic modules: working and entrepreneurship, studying, research, family life, international protection, children and young people. All important information about the trainings and registration for them can be found at www.settleinestonia.ee

Content of the Research Module

The Research module of the Welcoming Programme is designed for those who are interested in topics related to the Estonian research and higher education system. The module provides a thorough overview of the following topics:

  • research institutions and their functions;
  • various academic networks and organisations;
  • research funding schemes in Estonia;
  • teaching practices applied at Estonian universities, etc.

You will also be provided with all necessary legal information on the right of residence and requirements for granting or acquiring and extending residence permits for research migration.

Video-introduction to Estonian research landscape 

These five learning videos give an overview about the research landscape in Estonia. This basic information is necessary to incoming researchers and PhD students for settling in and understanding the research system in which they are starting to work.

Present-day R&D governance structure in Estonia

Higher education and R&D funding in Estonia

Academic staff and ranks in Estonia

5 practicalities in Estonian academic field

5 practicalities in Estonian academic field

Structure of the training course

The duration of the research module is one and a half days and it includes both educational and interactive activities, e.g. a tour of a research institution or meeting with an Estonian researcher. The trainings are held in Tartu, Tallinn and, upon completion of a group, also in Narva two times a year, at the beginning of autumn and spring semesters. Upon registering for the module, you can choose between English and Russian as the language of instruction. Upon completion of the training, you will receive a digital or, upon request, a hard copy certificate confirming that you have completed the training. More information about the schedule, venues and registration for the research module training can be found at www.settleinestonia.ee

Who can participate? Parking for questions

All foreign nationals and EU citizens who have received a notification from the Police and Border Guard Board on enrolment in the programme are welcome to take part in the trainings. If you have received no such notification but you have legally resided in Estonia for less than five years and would like to participate in the training, you can request enrolment in the programme by sending a letter of application to the Police and Border Guard Board. Learn more about how to submit your application at www.settleinestonia.ee

Why participate?

Upon completion of the research module, you will be familiar with the organisation of the research and higher education system in Estonia, the available funding opportunities and where to fi nd additional information on related topics. You will be also informed on the complementary services offered to newly arrived immigrants settling in Estonia for research or teaching.


The welcoming programme is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the state budget.