Interview with Tobias Ley

Nationality: German

Why did you come to Estonia?

A good research team with a good team spirit. Possibilities to acquire funding. Estonian research strategy that put a lot of emphasis on research in Information Technologies. Interdisciplinary research team.


What is the best thing about living in Estonia?

People are friendly and have been by and large very helpful. We have received good support from University, schools and others. More than what you could expect to receive in Germany.


How would you describe your career perspective in Estonia?

There are good opportunities to attract funding, so I am quite positive. However, the funding instruments in Estonia (ETF, Sihtfin) seem to be too limited to attract researcher or students from abroad because of the low levels of funding. This is a bit discomforting and might limit the opportunities I have. The instruments should be more flexible and allow to pay competitive salaries. Or maybe there are additional instruments of which I am not aware.


What was the hardest thing for you to adjust when you moved to Estonia?

I haven’t been here long enough. I think difficulties will arise when my family comes in the summer. In terms of research: more team-based approach which is quite different from the German model. Took time to adjust – but enjoy it!


What do you miss from your home country?

My wife and kids


You should visit Estonia because…

Its’ good fun!