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The EURAXESS Estonia Network provides information and support to mobile researchers (incl PhD students) and their family members on relocating to Estonia and from Estonia.

This portal has practical information on professional and daily life in Estonia, job and funding opportunities.

EURAXESS is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities, and businesses to interact with each other.

All EURAXESS services are are free of charge.




The EURAXESS portal serves as a live database of job and funding offers. Institutions and research groups can post their offers and researchers can browse and apply through the portal.

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The Estonian Research Council manages most of thr research funding instruments in Estonia, including national R&D funding, international cooperation projects and the European Union funds (structural funds, Horizon Europe). EURAXESS Estonia provides you here with a brief overview of our research funding landscape and its main instruments. 

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The EURAXESS Estonia Network helps incoming researchers and their families with administrative procedures and provides support for settling in. Find information about residence permits and visas, taxation regulations, international day care and schools and social events held in English and much more in the INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE section.

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EURAXESS Centres in Estonia



We help research performing institutions in Estonia and their administrative staff to solve various issues regarding welcoming international employees. Our INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE section is for you as well as for researchers.

Largest research institutions in Estonia are members of the EURAXESS Estonia network and each have a EURAXESS contact person.

Read more about what EURAXESS can offer to you and your institution.


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EURAXESS Estonia Service Centres are located at largest research, funding and supporting institutions in Tartu and Tallinn.

More about the Estonian Network.

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What is EURAXESS? What are the services? Who is EURAXESS for? Everything is explained here.


Service centres are in Tallinn and Tartu



EURAXESS Estonia network gives a warm welcome to Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (EISA) as its new member. For several years, the EURAXESS network has collaborated informally with initiatives managed by EISA, such as Work in Estonia and the International House of Estonia. We are now thrilled
Sign up today for the upcoming Entrepreneur Leadership Academy webinar for researchers "From Pitch to Profit: Communication Skills And Technical Strategies to Raise Capital for Your Startup" on June 1, 2023 at 10.30 CET! This webinar is the first in a row of a series of 7 webinars, intended for
juuli_Inserting a biofluid sample to the robotic sample handling system_Renee Altrov
(Image: Renee Altrov) Last years have brought essential changes to EURAXESS network. Until now, we have known EURAXESS as a platform for research jobs vacancies and relocation support services for researchers and their family members in moving between countries and to Europe. Now, the goal is to



Research in Estonia initiative

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Estonia - small in size, great for research

Research in Estonia is a promotional initiative with the aim to introduce Estonian research on an international level and for international audience. Find information about Estonia and up to date Estonian research news.

Goals: to support the image of Estonia as an attractive science based country; to ensure that the information about Estonian research is up-to-date and accessible for foreigners; through communicating success stories to support the awareness of the Estonian R&D results and cooperation between researchers, companies in smart specialization fields.




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