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About us

Cervice centres are in Tallinn and Tartu

EURAXESS Estonia Network

We are part of the European EURAXESS Network, a joint initiative of the European Commission and more than 40 countries.

Our EURAXESS Service Centres help researchers and their families to plan and organise their move to Estonia. We provide personalised support and advice in all matters related to academic mobility and researchers´ career in Estonia.

You can find us in 10 biggest Higher Education, R&D, funding and supportive institutions in Estonia, in Tartu and Tallinn.

All services of the EURAXESS Network are free of charge.





selected news For international researchers in Estonia


News in English

EURAXESS Estonia brings researchers hand-picked news and infomation from the Estonian Research Council and EURAXESS Network.
At our news sectionyou find a bit longer articles related to subjects like relocation, funding, researcher career and other relevant subjects.
The most quick information about funding calls, variety of courses or news related to settling in Estonia and other daily issues we share at our Facebook page.
Additionally, you can follow local research related news brought to you by Research in Estonia. They also publish a monthly newsletter that you are welcome to subscribe to!


Networking events


Fun with colleagues and family

EURAXESS Estonia team has organized networking events for international researchers, PhD students and their families. The aim of these events has been to introduce Estonian culture, way of life, traditions and nature to the researchers and to give researchers the opportunity to make friends with each other.

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EURAXESS for employers

for institutions

Welcoming International Employees

The EURAXESS Estonia Network is here to support all institutions employing international researchers in Estonia. We introduce Estonian and European Union policies, regulations and recommendations for facilitating researchers mobility experience.

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Info Materials

A collection of guides, articles, leaflets and study materials in one place. These can be used by institutions to learn about and promote EURAXESS and by researchers to learn about Estonia.

Settle in Estonia Programme Research Modulestudy materials (.pdf)
Relocation Guide by Work in Estonia.
EURAXESS Worldwide Focus on Estonia article.

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Estonian Research Council

The Estonian Research Council manages most research funding instruments in Estonia.



Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

Mailis Reps is the Minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia from 23 November 2016.

She is a member of the Estonian Centre Party.


Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board

The main tasks of Police and Border Guard Board are the securing of the external border of the European Union; the determination of citizenship and issue of documents; security and public order in the state; and the investigation and prevention of offences.


Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1. Ensuring national security and the indivisibility of security; stability and predictability of international relations

2. Ensuring premises for the functioning of Estonian economy; liberal economic relations and a liberal economic space

3. Protection of Estonians abroad and in the context of foreign relations

4. Estonia’s influence and good reputation

5. A space of values promoting democracy, human rights, the principles of the rule of law, as well as economic freedom and development

tax an customs

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

All about taxation and taxes in Estonia. Enter the electronic self-service e-Tax/e-Customs system here.


Estonian Social Insurance Board

All about social insurance, family allowance, pensions, apply for A1 certificate and more.

Research in Estonia

Research in Estonia

Estonian Research Council carries out international marketing activities under the initiative called Research in Estonia. Its main aim is to introduce Estonian research on an international level and for international audience. The main target groups are researchers coming from abroad, international journalists, R&D administrators and delegates. The Research in Estonia portal offers information and news for professionals, scholars, and students interested in research opportunities in Estonia.


Official webpage introducing Estonia


Frequently asked questions

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