Outgoing Researchers

Leaving Europe | Departure conditions/formalities | Estonia

Practical information

If you are planning to continue your research career abroad, EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion, is the right starting place for you.

EURAXESS Jobs & Funding database offers research job vacancies, which can be searched by country and research field.

Once you have found a suitable research position, EURAXESS national portals provide you with the information necessary for your move. EURAXESS Services centres in your host country are ready to assist you before the departure with legal issues as well as give practical advice and help in everyday matters after arrival.


Before departure

  • For practical support search for the EURAXESS portal of your destination country and contact the EURAXESS Centre if necessary.
  • Check your entry and residence conditions. If necessary, obtain a visa or residence permit for entry/employment/study.
  • Update your health insurance. If necessary, obtain the European health insurance card. If necessary, obtain private health insurance.
  • Check at your local tax authority whether you need a certificate proving your previous status as a tax payer.
  • Arrange your accommodation