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Practical information

If you are planning to continue your research career abroad, EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion, is the right starting place for you.

EURAXESS Jobs & Funding database offers research job vacancies, which can be searched by country and research field.

Once you have found a suitable research position, EURAXESS national portals provide you with the information necessary for your move. EURAXESS Services centres in your host country are ready to assist you before the departure with legal issues as well as give practical advice and help in everyday matters after arrival.


Health insurance in EU

If you are moving to another EU or EEA country, Estonia remains the insuring country if you are a posted worker or pensioner in Estonia. In other cases contact the health insurance institution in your country of destination for local insurance.

European health insurance card

European health insurance card is meant for use during shorter visits (up to one year) to other EU or EEA countries. European health insurance card ensures you the same access to the health care system in another EU country that the residents of this country have. The European health insurance card enables you to receive necessary medical care during you visit. Necessary health care is not free of charge – the patient’s co-payment should be paid according to the tariffs of the country of location. The patient’s co-payment is later not covered by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Therefore it is recommended to take also a travel insurance in the private insurance company, as on the basis of the latter the patient’s co-payment, private doctor’s visit, patient’s transport from one country to another etc., which are not compensated on the basis of the European health insurance card, are also covered.

Please note that the European health insurance card does not cover planned medical procedures nor patient’s own contribution amounts and in-patient fees. As the in-patient fees can be quite high in some countries, obtaining a private health insurance before your trip is a reasonable option.

Posted workers

Employees posted to another country for assignments that are shorter than 1 year can use the European Health insurance card. In case of longer assignments, the assignments should be first registered in the foreign relations department of Social Insurance Board. The Social Insurance Board fills out a form E101 and then issues a form E106, which entitles posted employees to get health care in the same terms with local insured persons. The scope of health care is wider than simple necessary health care received based on the European health insurance card.


European Commission - Practical benefits of the European health insurance card

European Commission - Apply for the European health insurance card

Estonian Health Insurance Fund - Apply for European health insurance card



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Research Estonia

If you ever feel like an ambassador of Estonia in the company of colleagues or friends abroad then you are welcome to use these slides to introduce Estonia. Feel free to pick out only the slides you feel are most important, create new slides with the current design and add your own data. Presentation provided by Research in Estonia initiative.