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Each university has its own regulations concerning employment conditions for researchers and academic staff. The salary level and other conditions of employment are established in an employment contract, based on the rules of the university and on the Employment Contracts Act.

The salary rules vary for professors, docents (assistant professors), specialists and other academic positions, and the rules are reviewed on a regular basis. The rules can be found on the web pages of the universities.

Estonian public universities have signed the Agreement on Good Practice in the Internationalisation of Estonia’s Higher Education Institutions, which guides the employment of foreign research staff and the enrolment of international students. All universities that host EURAXESS Services Centres have signed the Agreement on Good Practice.

If human research or animal experiments are intended in the research, the positive resolution of the Ethics Review Committee or permit committee of the conduct of animal experiments is needed.

There are three ethical committees in Estonia:

Tel: (+372) 737 5514

Fax: (+372) 737 5508


Hiiu 42, Tallinn 11619

Tel: (+372) 659 3924

Fax: 659 3901


Tel: (+372) 737 4335




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