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Medical Care & Emergency


Here you can find information about family physicians, dental care and disabled access.


It is possible to use a special taxi service for disabled people in both Tallinn and Tartu. To use this service you should contact the local social welfare department.


A lot remains to be done to enable disabled people to manage on their own. Disabled people can obtain support and additional information from their local government’s social welfare departments.


Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department

Address: Paldiski mnt. 48a, 10614, Tallinn

Phone: (+372) 645 7440



Tartu Department of Social Welfare and Health Care

Address: Raekoja plats 3, 51003, Tartu

Phone: (+372) 736 1300




Emergencies and hospitals

In an emergency situation, call:

112 Emergency calls, Ambulance

Calls to emergency numbers are free of charge and can be made from any phone, including pay-phones and the mobile phones of any service provider (incl. foreign).

You should report the following when making an emergency call:

  1. What happened?
  2. Where did it happen?
  3. Who is calling?
  4. Is somebody injured? What is their condition?
  5. Can somebody give first aid?

Emergency health care is free of charge to everyone irrespective of your insurance situation.

If the situation is not that dangerous that an ambulance needs to be called, but you need to contact a doctor after regular reception hours, you can turn to the emergency reception in a hospital.


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