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EURAXESS Estonia for Employers

There are 9 member institutions in the EURAXESS Estonia Network. Each member organisation has a contact person.

If your institution is not yet a member of the network, you are still welcome to use our services! Your contact would be in this case the Estonian Research Council on euraxess@etag.ee.

Some information provided on this page may be available only in Estonian.



Estonian Academy of Sciences

Ms. Anne Pöitel, Ms. Ülle Raud, mobility@akadeemia.ee or ylle.raud@akadeemia.ee, tel +372 644 8677 or +372 645 1925, Kohtu 6, 10130 Tallinn, View profile

Tallinn University of Technology

Ms. Anu Johannes, anu.johannes@ttu.ee, tel +372 620 3578, Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, View profile

Tallinn University

Ms. Merje Olm, merje.olm@tlu.ee, tel +372 640 9237, Narva mnt 25, 10120, View profile

Archimedes Foundation

Ms. Julia Duh, julia.duh@archimedes.ee, tel +372 699 6499, Koidula 13A, Tallinn, View profile

Estonian Academy of Arts

Ms. Marika Kopõlova, marika.kopolova@artun.ee, tel +372 626 7380, Estonia pst 7 / Teatri väljak 1 , 10143 Tallinn, View profile

Estonian Business School

Ms. Maarja Laos, maarja.laos@ebs.ee, tel 372 665 1333, A. Lauteri 3, 10114, Tallinn





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The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) is a tool for institutions to help them implement the priniciples of the C&C in their policies and practicies.


EURAXESS Estonia and the Estonian Research Council will support all Estonian research institutions on starting with the HRS4R and implementing the C&C. Contact us in case of questions or need for information materials on euraxess@etag.ee

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In Estonian: Vikipeedia - Inimvara arendamise strateegia teadlastele




HRS4R in Estonia


Encouragement to start

In early summer 2017 the European Commission in cooperation with the Estonian Research Council organised a regional information seminar on the HRS4R for the Baltic Countries. Read the thorough follow up article that will explain many questions in advance.

read article


See also:

In Estonian:

Vikipeedia - Inimvara arendamise strateegia teadlastele

Vikipeedia - Euroopa teadlaste harta ja töölevõtmise juhend

European Commission - Towards a European Framework for Research Careers (2011). Desctiprion of researchers' career stages R1-R4.