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Accommodation in Estonia


Prices for rent or sale of real estate depend on many factors such as: district (incl closeness to the city centre), status (need or no need for renovation), type of building, overall economic situation in the country and some others. In the case of renting a house or flat, the costs for water, electricity etc are not included in the stated price. Real estate agencies usually charge a fee in the amount of one month’s rent. Most popular and convenient portals are:

  • Real Estate Web  (Kinnisvaraportaal) Language choice from homepage. Default: Estonian
  • City24 Real Estate www.city24.eeLanguage selection from homepage. Default: Estonian
  • Accommodationoffers selection between hotels and hostels for a shorter stay to guest apartments for longer renting periods.
  • Facebook is very useful in mediating rental adds. Join groups like Foreigners in Estonia and other similar, there are many.




Several Estonian universities also offer possibilities for accommodation at student dormitories. Their advantage is cheapness and generally also closeness to the university buildings. Most of the student dormitories have been recently renovated. Information about the dormitories can be found on the web-pages of the universities:


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