Arrival in Estonia

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Arrival in Estonia

By air

There are direct flights between many European cities and Tallinn Airport. The best plane connections are with Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm, with several flights going every day. Estonia’s national carrier, Estonian Air, is affiliated to SAS. Many other airlines also operate in Tallinn.

Tallinn Airport is located 4 kilometres from the centre of Tallinn. You can get to the centre by taxi or also using public bus transport. The airport’s bus stops are located on floor 0 (by the parking lot at the front of the airport). The taxi fare from the airport to the centre costs around 10 EUR (in winter 2013).

The Flybe Airline in cooperation with Finnair is operating scheduled passenger flights to/from Tartu Airport on the route Helsinki—Tartu—Helsinki. Transport between Tartu city centre and the airport is comfortable with the Airport Shuttle.

By sea

Arrival in Estonia by sea is possible from Helsinki and Stockholm. In summer ships also go to Rostock and St. Petersburg. The ship traffic between Tallinn and Helsinki is frequent and fast. Smaller boats take an hour and a half for the trip from Helsinki to Tallinn, but they are dependent on the ice conditions on the Gulf of Finland and do not travel in winter. Large ferries travel all year round and need a bit more than 3 hours for the trip. The port of Tallinn is near the city centre, so the centre can also be reached on foot.

For passenger ship schedules, see Port of Tallinn.

By bus

International bus lines connect Estonia to Central and Western Europe and to our eastern neighbours. International bus lines go to Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu, and buses coming from Russia go through Narva. Bus connections within the Baltic countries are quite frequent, so it is possible to arrive in Estonia via Riga, the capital of Latvia.

By train

An international train connection exists only between Tallinn and Moscow and St Petersburg. Thus if you are fond of travelling by train, but are not starting from Moscow, you must combine trains with other methods of transportation to get to Estonia.