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Estonian e-services


Probably you have heard that Estonia is a digital society. You will interact with the State through the State Portal and your "key" is your ID-card that you will get with your residence permit (non-EU citizens) or after registration of your place of residence (EU citizens).

The Estonian State Portal is a secure internet environment through which Estonian residents can easily access the State’s e-services and information. You can see information regarding yourself and submit applications (e.g. family benefits). It also contains articles on how to resolve important or frequently occurring issues (e.g. conditions for and applying for family benefits) and advice on what to do in certain situations (e.g. where to turn to if the neighbours are making a racket in the middle of the night).

To better understand the functions of the State Portal have a look on the portal which explains the system with simple infographics and videos. If you already have your Estonian ID-card then just log in and have a look what kind of data is provided about you and what possibilities are available for you. 


The stongEST identity

The official webpage intoroduces Estonian e-services and digital developments.



The topics in the State Portal are the following:

  • Republic of Estonia - Official information about the Republic of Estonia, including the full text of the constitution, institutions of the President, the Government and the Parliament, Legislature, Finances and State Budget, Foreign Relations and International Agreements, National Defence, Court etc.
  • Health and care - health and medical care, food and consumer product safety, occupational health
  • Pensions and allowances - benefits and allowances (incl parental benefits, receiving sickness benefit, unemployment unsurance), pensions
  • Family - marriage, registration of cohabitation, pregnancy and early childhood, the pre-school child, parentless children and safety of children, working or studying parents, state monetary assistance for families with children, property relations within the family, changing names, pet, registration of a death and funerals
  • Work and labor relations - working bases, working and rest time, unemployment or seeking employment, representing employees
  • Citizenship and documents - personal identity documents and applying for them, citizenship, e-residency, residence permit for foreign nationals
  • Traffic - vehicles and right to drive, traffic management
  • Education and Research - general education, vocational and higher education, education abroad, national defence education, science and libraries
  • Consumer Protection - consumer protection in Estonia and in the European Union, consumer, consuming, consumer information
  • Legal advice - the Legal system, Legal assistance, Contracts, Crime and Punishments, Succession and bequest
  • Housing and Environment - Waste, waste handling and management, Nature protection, Land and Forest, Services related to housing, a secure home, finding a place to live, Environment