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Leaving Estonia for research abroad

Researcher mobility can improve a career in research. Make the move and discover the wealth of opportunities on offer both inside and outside Europe. EURAXESS Centres and EURAXESS Worldwide are on hand to offer expertise and advice to facilitate your move abroad.




International researchers leaving Estonia

Similarly to the entry conditions there are some leaving conditions to be kept in mind.

Make sure your return tickets are bought within the validity period of your residence permit.

Since January 2016, holders of the temporary residence permit for employment as a researcher/lecturer or for studies have a right for additional temporary stay in Estonia for a period of 183 days maximum, following the expiry date of their temporary residence permit. During that time, the foreign national can legally stay in Estonia without extending the prior residence permit in order to find a new job and enter into employment or continue their studies or obtain other grounds to get a new residence permit.

Bear in mind, that this additional stay for 6 months is not an extention of the residence permit and is valid only in Estonia.

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Frequently asked questions