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This section is about practical aspects on every-day life in Estonia starting from entering the country to accommodation, health and social security, family and daily issues.

Do not hesitate to contact the EURAXESS Estonia Services Centres if you need further help.


roadmap 2017

Roadmap: Visas and Entry Conditions

This is a step by step path for entering the country. EU or non-EU citizen, what applications and in which order?





This section provides information on work related issues such as working conditions, background on research landscape and taxation etc.

Through the EURAXESS Services, EURAXESS also helps employers save time and money by assisting new employees with the move abroad.

Get comprehensive overview of Estonian research system, edited by Research in Estonia, in:


Researcher (incl PhD student) or employer - do not hesitate to contact the EURAXESS Estonia Services Centres if you need further help!




Researcher mobility can improve a career in research. Make the move and discover the wealth of opportunities on offer both inside and outside Europe. EURAXESS Centres and EURAXESS Worldwide are on hand to offer expertise and advice to facilitate your move abroad.

Find the EURAXESS portal of your destination county!



Practical information for outgoing researchers

If you are planning to continue your research career abroad, EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion, is the right starting place for you.



Frequently asked questions

You just have one specific question? It is highly probable that others have had the same problem. See through the Frequently asked questions for quick help.

Frequently asked questions