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Opening a bank account is rather simple in Estonia. You can do so at the nearest bank office; all you need is a personal identification document.

In addition to cash, debit and credit cards are accepted in most shops, restaurants and companies. Salary payments are made to a person’s bank account. Internet banking is very common, whereas cheques are seldom used in Estonia. The ATMs of the larger banks can be found in branch offices, gas stations, larger supermarkets and other frequently visited places.

We advise you to learn about the conditions for closing the bank account, if needed, and take care of all the necessary procedures in time. This may turn out to be rather complicated later on after leaving the country.

For short term stays in Estonia, please note that the banks have rather high fees for opening an account in case a person does not have a local ID card (situation in 2016). In case you are asked to provide an Estonian bank account number for receiving your stipend or similar, please discuss the possible solutions with the contact person at your institution. Students and academic emplyees from third countries of some universities can open a bank account for a substantially lesser fee. Contact the personel or admission unit of your institution.

The three larger banks in Estonia for private customers are:

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