Language courses in Estonia

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Welcoming Programme

The Welcoming Programme offers Estonian language courses (level A1) for free to all foreigners who have legally resided in Estonia for less than 5 years.


The apps like Lingvist or Speakly, they will help you learn your first phrases in Estonian for free.


Keeleklikk - Free online courses for learning Estonian on levels 0-A2. Courses available based on English and Russian.

Keeletee - Free online course for reaching level B1. Keeletee is a continuation of the Keeleklikk courses. Course avalable based on English and Russian.


Estonian Language Café meetings are organised by the International House Tartu frequently. Check their Facebook or homepage.


You can find Estonian courses on all levels in the language centers of the universities:

Tallinn University. Language Centre

Tallinn University of Technology. Language Centre

University of Tartu. Language Centre

Folkuniversitetet. Estonian Conversation course for pre-intermediate

Estonian is also taught in some private language schools:

Tallinn Language School

Tea Language School

Tartu Folk High School

Basic conversation skills can make your daily life easier, for instance going to the market.



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