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EURAXESS and Work in Estonia share research job offers


We are happy to announce news about our collaboration with the Work in Estonia initiative!

A technical solution between the EURAXESS Estonia and the Work in Estonia portals is now fully functional. Job offers published by EURAXESS Estonia member organisations on the EURAXESS portal will be automatically exported and displayed on the Work in Estonia portal under category Education and Science as well.

Work in Estonia Job Offers, Category: Education and Science

EURAXESS Jobs & Funding

This solution helps to increase visibility of the job offers, of the hosting institution and of the EURAXESS Estonia portal. Administrative staff at our research institutions will save their working time by not spending extra time on inserting the job offers one by one on different platforms. All EURAXESS Estonia member organisations were consulted beforehand and all agreed on the practical solution.

EURAXESS Estonia Network member organisations and contacts

Work in Estonia