Interview with Laura Siragusa

Categories: Meet the researchers

Laura Siragusa, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Tartu

I have been working as a researcher in Social Anthropology at the University of Tartu since January 2013. I love my job and colleagues here. I have been rather active since my arrival with the possibility to focus on my research and develop my teaching skills at the same time. Some communication related to bureaucracy and administrative matters could improve at work, though. But I do appreciate the novelty of my position within the department and the will to find solutions and to cooperate.

I conduct my research in Russia with a Finno-Ugric minority. Being in Tartu makes my job easier since I can easily get a visa and travel to Russia when needed. I have already been twice this year to present my PhD dissertation and attend a festival and will go again for fieldwork and a conference.

Tartu is a lovely place to stay. Quiet, peaceful and picturesque and it has provided me with space to think, to grow, to explore. Seasons appear to follow one another quickly and dramatically here. People seem to reflect this drastic changes in the way they act and relate to one another. Some Estonian friends have pointed this out, too.

I have travelled a bit as well. Overall, Estonia provides a variety of landscapes, habits, dialects… I’d recommend anyone to come and visit. Travelling from Italy where my family lives to Tartu could improve and I am hoping for more flights in the future.

I’d describe my life here like this: peace, space, time, several activities and really… no stress, despite the work load!