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Interview with Shuai Li from China


This mini-interview was first published in the EURAXESS Worldwide China newsletter in Focus on Estonia article in March 2017. Read full issue here. Shuai Li is a PhD student of Plant Physiology at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

1. How did you hear about Estonia and why did you decide to work in Estonia?​

In fact, I knew my PhD supervisor's (Ülo Niinemets) name when I started my masters in China in 2009. At that time I read his papers which is highly related to my master thesis topic. After I finished my master study, I contacted Ülo​ to ask if the PhD position is available in his lab, and he replied and accepted my application. Before that I just knew Estonia but didn't know anything about her. The reason why I decide to study here is Ülo​ is a famous and top scientist and I believe that I will receive very good training for my PhD study.

2. Name three characteristic things about research work in Estonia or about Estonia in general.​

I think the first characteristic about the research work in Estonia is top quality. For example, we have excellent facilities and devices in our lab and very good ideas from supervisor.

The second characteristic about the research work in Estonia is very good work environment. You know our University is not big, but very convenient for living and studying.

The third ​ characteristic about Estonia is excellent natural environment. Forests cover about 50% of the territory of Estonia. In addition, we also have sea, bogs, rivers, lakes and of course a lot of wild animals. It is amazing!

3. A message to anyone from your country who is considering research work with Estonian partners or moving to Estonia for work.​

What I want to say for those Chinese who want to study or work in Estonia is: Estonia is a small country compared to China, but it has specially charming culture, top quality education, excellent nature and environment, and of course friendly people. It is a good place for study, work and living. I believe that once you are here, your are gonna love it!




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