New Inter-Sectoral Mobility Funding Scheme


New funding scheme is opened in Estonia, supporting inter-sectoral mobility of researchers. The objective of the scheme is to facilitate inter-sectoral co-operation by increasing the R&D capacity of Estonian private and public sector institutions as well as to diversify the researchers´ career paths, giving them possibilities to work in different sectors.

The aim of this funding scheme is to increase the number of projects carried out in cooperation between researchers from one side and companies or other public sector institutions (that are not among positively evaluated R&D institutions or technology development centers) from the other. This would contribute to encouraging entrepreneurs to undertake development activities, making Estonian private and public sector institutions more knowledge-intensive. At the same time, it is creating more opportunities for the researchers – in contributing their knowledge to the life of Estonia, while equipping them with working experience in other sectors.

The applicants can be institutions that would hire a researcher holding a doctoral degree, to carry out applied research and product development projects. Applicants are advised by the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) and the Enterprise Estonia, e.g. in case of questions on the content or intellectual property rights related to their R&D activities, or when they would need support in bringing together the applicants and researchers, or in mediating the negotiation processes of collaborative projects.

The budget for this pilot measure amounts to EUR 1 820 000, out of which up to 606,000 euros will be allocated to public sector bodies. The programme is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The first application round is on-going and open until 30 November 2021 or until free funds are exhausted.

More information can be found on the webpage of Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus (only in Estonian), responsible for implementing the scheme.

News photo: Pexels, Startup Stock Photos