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    19/05/2018 - 08:00
    Estonia, Kurese
    20/05/2018 - 17:00
    EURAXESS Estonia

Dear researchers!

EURAXESS Estonia team is glad to invite all international researchers working at Estonian R&D institutions as well as their family members to our spring conservation holiday* on 19-20 May 2018! We will visit the beautiful Pärnumaa County.

Registration is open!

About the Agenda

It has become a tradition to do some voluntary communal work of different type on our spring field trips. This year we will collaborate with the Estonian Fund for Nature and help maintain alvars** and protect ecologic diversity in Western Estonia. We will go to the area of Kurese Village that is rich also in cultural heritage. Inhabitation at Kurese Village dates back to ca 1000 yrs BC and more. Modern conveniences such as electricity and plumbing never reached the village and the radial street pattern is archaic. The streets and the fields are bordered by over 30 km total length of stone-fences. The old Estonian Soontaga Stronghold (7-8 century AD) is in close proximity.

On the first day we will do some simple maintenance work at Kurese alvars. We will cut small bushes and collect branches into piles. This is necessary for preventing the area from growing into forest and for maintaining the open grassland habitat for the various rare species. We will also go to the closeby Nedrema wooded meadow that needs maintenance for preserving its ecologic diversity. The area is picturesque with spring flowers and lush green vernal foliage.

Picnic-lunch will be enjoyed in the open air on the spot. In the afternoon we will have a guided excursion and hear about the history of the area.

The Klaara-Manni Guesthouse will welcome us to stay the evening and overnight. Upon arrival we will have dinner and then a seminar and networking activities. We will relax after the active day by the bonfire and in the sauna. A briefing called the “Countywoman’s spa” will be given to explain traditional sauna rituals. Musical instruments are welcome.

On the second day we will visit the TTÜ Särghaua Study Center for Earth Sciences and the Farm Museum of C.R. Jakobson. The two facilities are at Kurgja Village, located only 1 km apart from each other.

The etymological origin of both place names, Kurese and Kurgja, comes from kurg, which means stork in Estonian.

The agenda may be a subject to minor changes.


Please dress according to weather! Choose proper clothing and footwear (closed, strong sole) for working outdoors. Hiking boots would be best. Sunscreen, extra jumper, winter hat – all might come handy within one hour. In case of chance for rain, consider rubber boots (wellingtons) and raincoat.

About Registration

Registration is open until May 11, 08:00 am or until all available places are full and the registration form closes automatically. Please keep in mind that the places are limited.

We kindly ask each participant to contribute – 25 euros fee per adult and 10 euros fee per child. Children under 3 years old are exempt from any fee. The participation fee includes all costs related to the event. Once you have completed registration on the EURAXESS Estonia portal, you will receive an automatic e-mail with payment details.

In case of questions please contact Hanna Raig: hanna.raig@etag.ee.

Additional Information

*What is a conservation holiday, read on the Estonian Fund for Nature portal.

**What is an alvar, read on Wikipedia.

Maintenance work on the Kurese alvars is part of LIFE to Alvars Project, managed by the Estonian Environmental Board.

Archäologische Forschungen in Maidla, Kurese und Peanse http://www.arheoloogia.ee/ave2015/AVE2015_13_Mandeljt_Maidlajne.pdf

Estonian Alvars and Juniper Shrublands—Instructions for the Management and Restoration of Communities. A brief translated summary of the manual compiled by Aveliina Helm in 2009 https://www.keskkonnaamet.ee/sites/default/public/PLK/Hoolduskavad/ENG_alvar_grasslands.docx



Estonian Research Council

Estonian Fund for Nature


Hanna Raig hanna.raig@etag.ee


Day 1, Sat May 19th


Bus from Tartu leaves at the Vanemuine Theatre (Vanemuise 6) lower parking lot


Bus from Tallinn leaves at the National Library of Estonia (Tõnismägi 2) parking lot


Arrival, work on Nedrema wooded meadow and Kurese alvars


Lunch picnic on the spot, presentation by Estonian Fund for Nature


Work on Kurese alvars, excursion in Kurese area


Dinner at Klaara-Manni Guesthouse




Sauna and bonfire


Day 2, Sun May 20th




TTÜ Särghaua Study Center


Lunch at Jakobson Farm Museum


Jakobson Farm Museum